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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My close, personal friend Bill Amend.

I got an e-mail back from Bill Amend. I'm in dork nirvana. He's a funny cat with e-mail too. Eat that, comic-readin' public!

Love letter to SMG... no Bill Amend... no, Leo Laporte

'Blondie' is crossing over with a bunch of comic strips to celebrate the 75th anniversary of, uh, 'Blondie.' I've been watching it go down with the weekend Post and some random DNRs (local paper) and I couldn't be more disappointed. Not that I expect high art from 'Blondie,' but I expect Mooch from 'Mutts' to talk like Mooch. And he doesn't.

A much better crossover is here http://www.pvponline.com where Kurtz brings in two of my favorite "paper" comics characters from 'Fox Trot.' Seeing this, I have to figure about three dozen people have already looked up Amend's e-mail to let him know about the Jason/Marcus appearance. Surfing around FoxTrot.com I find not only an autographed picture of Sarah Michelle Gellar, but an autogrpahed picture from my new favorite tech guy Leo Laporte. I've already season passed the re-launched 'Call For Help' when it starts next week (on G4 at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.), which is more than I've done for SMG lately.

If you have any interest in technology, stuff, and a bunch of smart guys being jackasses, go to www.twit.tv and diggnation.com. My name is Joey, and I'm a tech news addict.

Today: is random.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Well, this'll be a change

Alright, in an effort to actually communicate with people I like (someone much smarter than me said something to me like "A blog is proactive, I'll seek it out. A mass e-mail, well not so much.")

I started this blog to chart my progress getting back into marathon training. Finding the time to go to a physical therapist has put a damper on that for the moment, though I have scheduled and cancelled an appointment. So when that happens, I'll start updating the history.

Up until today, only one other person (smart guy Bryan) knew I was blogging, which was really just an excuse for signing up so I could make fun of him on his blog (http://cryptobadger.blogspot.com). But now, with my time eaten with trying to maintain a "successful" company, a semblance of a normal sleep pattern, and a small small social life consisting of more than letting the cat out, I'm cutting back on my almost-non-existent e-mailing.

So now, every day or so, there'll be something here. Sometimes big, sometimes little. Depends. Right now, this instant, it allows me to just stop thinking about damn work for a damn minute. I love what I do, I love that I have a company that I built, but I think about it constantly. Now that we officially have an employee who isn't just freelance, I'm even more thinking about it.

I'm trying not to edit video. Which leads me to 'The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.' http://www.thefourthrail.com/reviews/snapjudgments/082205/lifeandtimesofscroogemcduck.shtml

Everyone should read this. Much like everyone should at least try to see 'Citizen Kane,' I really think everyone would get something out of reading about how this fictional duck-man amassed the World's Greatest Fortune and crazily stores it all in a giant money bin.

... stay with me: it's a metaphor. It's a universal story. It's the journey of life. It's told with ducks.

It might be the secret to existence.

Maybe not the last one, but pretty damn close.

There's not too much media I consume that I can actively point to and say "That caused me to pause and consider it all." Facets of life, moments of time, "hey, maybe YOU should try to own Broadcast.com so you can buy a professional sports franchise," and the like pop up frequently.

But not the "eureka" moment I got the first time Scrooge discovers the Goose Egg Nugget. Swear to god, that sequence haunts me like most memorable scenes from your life. I remember the panel-by-panel breakdown. Maybe you wake up in cold sweats from the first Menudo concert you attended, or that scene in 'Dirty Dancing' when you realized your love of Patrick Swazye, or the time your parents walked in on you necking. That instance where, with time, you realize you can pinpoint as a moment of "growth."

I've got my share of those too, a lot more "worldly" than comic book panels, but, like so many of the moments in life where the shift occurs in a quiet corner of a familiar city on a fall day when the leaves are starting to turn, this is one of those silent thoughts that enters your brain from the orchestra pit, saddles up beside you and smacks you silly.

They are talking ducks, I concede that. But really, no matter how you tell a good story or highlight some universal truths, it ain't the packaging. Well, it is too, but yeah, I'm trying not to lose you with the ducks. I think Charlie is the only one with me...

So, if you have $17 and can forgo the new DVD release or the latest "Southern Lawyer in Peril" novel, flip through 'The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck.' I'm not going to waste any more of your time trying to sum up what the story means to me, but I'll stop with: tonight, when I think about how much I want to be able to run, I'll remember how much of it is the physical part, the feeling good. But mostly, I'll be waiting for that moment all to myself when I can review a page of a comic book that may have saved my life.

... I do love the hyperbole. I really do.

No spell check either people, that's how we roll on this. Or hobble with a bad right knee, really.