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Sunday, July 03, 2005

When do we switch to the 26 hour day?

So there is/was a radio show based out of California called 'The 25th Hour.' Harlan Ellison hosted the show briefly, and I think J. Michael Starzyaesriwerywefd of 'Babylon 5' fame did a stint as well. It was a sci-fi fantasy interview hour that may have appeared nightly.

I downloaded a podcast called '25th Hour' thinking it would fit nicely in with Reel Reviews and This Week in Tech. Little did I realize that THIS '25th Hour' was not the same: it's some kind of chick show. And not the good kind, Chick friends reading this. "Mother Earth something something" is sort of how it went.

Long-winded way of saying "I ain't got a lotta content" for this the night before July 4th. I crammed way too much work into last week and now I'm burnt out.

I'm supposed to go on vacation the first week of August, and it'll be in North Carolina where there're primo running trails. I'm fairly certain I won't be up to speed.

The only leg workout I've done was about 45 minutes of stretching before Aikido yesterday. I'm a lame lame runner. Lame.

Capital "L-ame."