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Monday, March 26, 2007

Fuzz in the afternoon

Well then. Somebody forgot to post. For like three months.

I got really tired of just talking about media I was consuming. And we may have shot a TV concert. Or two. Then there's Christmas, birthdays, food poisoning, business decisions, and everything in between.

But now I have something to type about. It's a typical three-act structure, with an overly-long falling action.

... it might be multi-parted. But there'll be pictures.


In 2004, I loved 'Shaun of the Dead.' It was my FAVORITE movie of the year. I loved the mix of actual romantic comedy with actual zombie movie, billed by filmmakers Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg as "RomZomCom." I marveled at the progression these guys from 'Spaced' (see: "Second Favorite TV Show of All Time" post somewhere in the archive) had made from TV to film. Great movie.

And now we have Hot Fuzz. I've been anticipating it since the title was released. The initial release stateside release date was pushed back from February to April.

Except... for sneak previews. In the United States. Starting in March.

And the first showing was in Washington, D.C. at the Arlington Cinema N Drafthouse.

What follows is the story of what would be the best time I've had at the movies ever.

...without making out with a girl.